Tivoli music hall, Strand, London, week beginning Monday, 28 December 1908

May 4, 2014

programme cover of the Tivoli music hall, Strand, London, for the week beginning Monday, 28 December 1908

1. Overture – ‘La part du Diable’ Auber
2. Orpheus – Instrumentalist
3. Miss Minnie Mace – Comedienne & Dancer
4. The San Remo Girls – Speciality Dancers
5. Miss Hilda Jacobsen – Contralto Vocalist
6. Desroches & Bianca – French Comedy Act
7. Mr. Charles Whittle – Comedian
8. Henri de Vries & Company (Henri de Vries, Dorothy Drake and Arthur Stanley) in A Modern Othello by Ina L. Cassilis and Auguste Van Biene
9. Jordan & Harvey – Hebrew Dialect Comedians
10. Les Marbas – Acrobatic Dancers
11. Mr. T.E. Dunville – With new song ‘The Territorial Soldier’
12. Selection – ‘The Gold Mine,’ on Popular Melodies Warwick Williams
13. Mr. Alfred Lester – In a Screamingly Funny Burlesque Skit entitled A Restaurant Episode Supported by Miss Gwen Howard
14. Miss May Moore Duprez – The Jolly Dutch Girl
15. Miss Marie Lloyd – Queen of Comediennes
16. Mr. George Formby – A real Lancashire Comedian
17. Courtice Pounds & Co (Courtice Pounds, Blanche Gaston Murray, Pearl Keats and J. Cooke Beresford) – In Musical Sketch Charles, His Friend by Keble Howard, music by Howard Samuel and Hermann Finck
18. Little Tich – The One and Only
19. Cole & Rags – Eccentric Jugglers
20. Russell’s Imperial Bioscope.

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