Maude Marshall (Mrs Herbert Fox), English actress

June 6, 2014

Maude Marshall (1865?-1937), English actress, in an unidentified role
(cabinet photo: unknown, probably UK, circa 1885)

The written caption on this photograph is incorrect inasmuch as Maude Marshall’s real name was Brenda (not Beryl) Maude Marshall. Born about 1865, her mother, Louisa Marshall (1841?-?) was also an actress who probably did not use that name in her professional life. The latter is not to be confused with Louisa Marshall (1826?-1896) of the large Marshall family of actors (which included Polly Marshall), who latterly became a teacher of the piano and died in reduced circumstances. Maude Marshall’s brother, John Arthur Marshall (1868/69-after 1937), was briefly an actor before leaving the profession.

Nothing is known of Miss Marshall’s father but she was married to the actor Herbert Henry Fox, known professionally as Herbert Fox, in 1886. They both had very varied theatrical careers, from pantomime to melodrama, mostly appearing at theatres in the suburbs of London and throughout the United Kingdom. He died in Yorkshire on 1 November 1916 and she in Walworth, London on 18 November 1937. (The Stage, London, Thursday, 7 November 1935, p. 2a and 9 December 1937, p. 6e)


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