Song sheet cover for ‘Leander,’ from the musical comedy, Katja, the Dancer, as sung by Gene Gerrard accompanied by Ivy Tresmand at the Gaiety Theatre, London, in 1925.

August 3, 2014

song sheet cover for the song, ‘Leander‘ from the first English production of Katja, the Dancer, a musical comedy with original music by Jean Gilbert, which opened at the Gaiety Theatre, London, on 21 February 1925, with a cast including Gregory Stroud, Bobbie Comber, Gene Gerrard, Dennis Hoey, Ivy Tresmand, Rene Mallory and Lilian Davies. ‘Leander’ was recorded in London by Gene Gerrard with Ivy Tresmand, accompanied by the Gaiety Theatre Orchestra, conducted by Arthur Wood, for the Columbia label (3628) about 11 March 1925.
(published by Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew Ltd, London, 1925)

Katja, the Dancer was based on the operetta Katja, die Täzerin, which was first produced at the Neues Operetten-Theatre, Berlin, on 2 February 1923. It was also produced in Budapest (1923), Sydney, Australia (1925) and New York (1926).

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