Pauline Chase as a mermaid, photographed by Bassano, London, 1907

October 26, 2014

Pauline Chase (1885-1962), American actress, celebrated for her portrayal of Peter Pan.
(photo: Bassano, London, 1907)

‘PAULINE CHASE, Who Charmed Every Child that Saw ”Peter Pan.”
‘In America – her native land – Miss Pauline Chase always went by the name of ”Polly Chase.” The nick-name was once the means of bringing her a slice of good luck. She was attending a race-meeting, and on looking down the list she noticed the name of ”Pretty Polly.” She knew nothing of racing matters, but thought it would be good sport to back her own name. She made her bet and came out a handsome winner time after time.
‘Miss Chase dearly loves children, and children idolise her in Xmas pieces.
‘She is fond of motoring, and owns two cars. A manager wanted her to go back to America, but she said: ”No, the roads are so much better for motoring in England.”’
(The Royal Magazine, London, October, 1907, p. 487)


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