Zarmo, international juggler and equilibrist

January 25, 2015

Zarmo (Joseph Henry Zarmo, 1868/69-after 1926), international juggler and equilibrist. Zarmo so impressed the young Charlie Chaplin that the latter recalled his perfectionism and performing skills in his Autobiography, first published in 1964.
(cabinet photo: J.B. Wilson, 389 State Street, Chicago, Illinois, circa 1893)

‘ZARMO, a clever and noted juggler, closed with M.B. Leavitt’s ”Spider and Fly” Co. March 8th in the Northwest and has returned to town. Zarmo is an exceptionally skilful equilibrist performing very difficult feats in jugglery which balancing himself head downwards on the top of a champagne bottle. He is an industrious worker and is whiling away his odd moments in practising a new act on the sensational order.’
(The New York Clipper, New York, Saturday, 1 April 1893, p. 50d)

‘JOSEPH H. ZARMO has sailed for England, where he is under contract at the Empire Theatre [Leicester Square], London.’
(The New York Clipper, New York, Saturday, 25 November 1893, p. 608d)

Just Arrived, per S.S. St. Paul. America’s Favorite, Europe’s Surprise, London’s Success. ZARMO. ZARMO JUGGLES ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.
ZARMO, the Quaint.
ZARMO, the Balancer.
ZARMO, the Inventor.
ZARMO, the Dancer.
ZARMO, the Comique.
ZARMO, the Droll.
ZARMO, the Inverted.
ZARMO, the Eccentric.
ZARMO, the Wonderful.
ZARMO, the Hit.
ZARMO, the Only Real Funny JUGGLER
ZARMO, the only upside down JUGGLER
ZARMO, the only burlesque JUGGLER
ZARMO, the new grotesque JUGGLER
‘Is all his latest comic creations, including the Three Headed Boxing Novelty, the funniest thing extant; the laughing success of THE CENTURY. Week commencing Dec. 23 [1895], starring at Tony Pastor’s Theatre, New York City; Jan. 13 [1896], Keith’s, Philadelphia; Jan. 20, Keith’s, Boston; Feb. 10, Keith’s Union Square Theatre, New York. ZARMO HAS A FEW IMMEDIATE VACANT DATES. Proprietors in search of a novelty will do well to secure this set at once.
‘ZARMO, 107 Fourth Avenue, New York City. N.B. – COME AND LAUGH.’
(The New York Clipper, New York, Saturday, 21 December 1895, p. 672c, advertisement)

‘OUR LONDON LETTER… 16 June [1906]
‘Zarmo, who is as well known in America as he is in this country, is thinking of paying a visit to the States, after an absence of eight years. He played three seasons with the Tony Pastor road show, besides appearing in the best vaudeville houses. Zarmo tells me that he has never ceased practising since he returned from his last trip to America, and has now the juggling game down to a fine point.’
(The New York Clipper, New York, Saturday, 30 June 1906, p. e)


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  1. Zarmo was my grandfather, I have lots of other original photo’s of him both in costume and mufti.He died on 27th January 1943 aged 74.Anyone out there who is remotely interested contact me at my e-mail address , charlesandtish96@gmail.com

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