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The Melody Monarchs, 1913

July 31, 2013

The Melody Monarchs (fl. 1910-1915), American vaudeville entertainers, whose personnel in 1913, when their song, ‘A Lesson in Love’ was published by the Shapiro Music Publishing Co of New York, were (clockwise from the top of the above song sheet cover) Gustav Benkhart (Gustavus Adolphus Benkhart, 1888-1973), Charles Shisler (1886-1952), George E. Reed and Al Hockey
(photo: unknown, USA, circa 1913)

Chase’s Polite Vaudeville, Washington, DC, week beginning Monday, 19 December 1910
‘Chase’s week before Christmas bill next week will be of an appropriately near-holiday nature, the leading novelty being the recent New York success, Marion Murray and company of comedians in Edgar Allen Woolf’s merriest musical comedy, A Prima Donna’s Honeymoon. The added attraction will be ”The Monarchs of Melody,” Bobby Heath, Charles O’Donnell, Gus Benkhart, and Charles Shisler, four popular writers of catchy songs, singing their own new hits… .’
(The Washington Herald, Washington, DC, Sunday, 11 December 1910, p. 6e)

Empress vaudeville theatre, Salt Lake City, week of Monday, 7 July 1913
‘The Four Melody Monarchs, which include George E. Reed, late of The Pink Lady fame, will present an offering that will be unique and pleasing. There will be three pianos on the stage. Charles Shisler, Gus Benhardt and Al Hockey are all song writers, while Mr. Reed is the famous junvenile comedian of The Pink Lady.’
(The Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City, Utah, Wednesday, 9 July 1913, p. 12d)