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Rena Goldie leaves court without a stain on her character, London, 1907

October 27, 2013

Rena Goldie (1880-), English musical comedy actress
(photo: probably Foulsham & Banfield, London, circa 1907)

‘VICTIM OF A POLICE BLUNDER: THE FLAT CHARGES THAT FAILED – Miss Catherine Goldie, The Young Actress Who Was Accused Of Conducting Her Flat In Langham Street In An Improper Manner, But Left The Court Without A Stain On Her Character.
‘As we have already noted, the police failed utterly to substantiate their charge against Miss Goldie, known professionally as Rena Goldie, and a member of The Gay Gordons company. The young actress was able to prove, indeed, that at the time the police imagined her to be in her flat she was on the stage at the Aldwych. To an interviewer, she stated that she was in bed when the police came to arrest her, and that one of the officers insisted on remaining in her room while she dressed. Similar charges brought against two other ladies [Mrs Maud Cooper, 26, and Mrs Jessie Crawford, 26] at the same time also failed.’
(The Sketch, Saturday, 25 September 1907, p. 331)