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Nora Stockelle, English music hall and pantomime soubrette and dancer

February 23, 2014

Nora Stockelle (active 1907-1920), English music hall and pantomime soubrette and dancer
(postcard photo: Charles & Russell, 10 Royal Avenue, Belfast, circa 1915)

Merry Moments Merry Moments, a revue by Albert P. de Courville and Herman Darewski, first presented at the Hackney Empire, north London, 22 March 1915. There were various changes during the subsequent tour: Nell Emerald was temporarily replaced by Lily Lena and by July 1915 Florence Smithson had been added.
Finsbury Park Empire, north London, week beginning Monday 17 May 1915
‘Harry Day brings his Merry Moments to Finsbury Park Empire this week, and frankly disdaining the fetters of a plot of any kind, just gives us a series of amusing scenes, linked together by choruses, and the evolutions and dances of Lottie Stone’s troupe. The effect is decidedly pleasing, and requires no mental effort to follow. Amongst the most amusing episodes are ”The Amateur Burglar,” by Hal Jones, [Fred] Hawes, and T. Gamble; ”Bookkeeping” and ”A present from a friend,” by Marriott Edgar and Walter Williams; ”The Canadian Bully,” by Lily Lena, [Hal] Jones, and [Fred] Dark; ”A swish wish,” by Nora Stockelle, Messrs. Edgar, Jones, and W. Williams. These are apparently the favourites with the audience. Lily Lena’s archness and piquancy find immediate favour with the audience, and she makes a great hit with her song, ”What a lady.” Nora Stockelle scores with ”All of you rag with me,” as does Miss [Beatrice] Boarer and Walter Williams with their duet, ”Anytime, Anywhere.” altogether, Merry Moments may be said to have made a good impression, and Mr. A. Coleman Hicks has no cause of complaint as to business.’
(The Stage, London, Thursday, 20 May 1915, p. 16a)


Harry Leybourne

June 2, 2013

Harry Leybourne (born about 1873), British music hall comedian, impersonator and pantomime dame
(photos: Charles & Russell, Belfast, circa 1908)

Percy G. Williams Theatre, Washington, DC, September 1909
‘The first appearance in America of Harry Leybourne, who is said to be one of the most versatile of English mimics, will be in the Percy G. Williams theatre.’
(The Washington Times, Washington, DC, Friday, 10 September 1909, p. 8g)

‘Harry Leybourne.
‘Pianolog Comedian.
‘18 Mins.; Full Stage (Close in One).
‘Colonial [Theatre, New York City, week beginning Monday, 27 September 1909].
‘Mr. Leybourne first appears in frock coat and light trousers in the conventional street dress and sings several songs, either accompanying himself on the piano or with the aid of the orchestra. The surprise of the act is his quick change into woman’s garb near the finish. The transformation is made in a twinkling and is followed by a burlesque female impersonation. These is plenty of laughable material in both parts of the turn, and the Colonial audience endorse it Monday evening when it played ”No. 2” on a big bill.’
(Variety, New York, Saturday, 2 October 1909, p. 16b)

Harry Leybourne has been noted as a singer of Herbert Rule and Fred Holt’s comic song, ‘Ours Is a Nice House Ours Is,’ which was recorded for Columbia (Col 887) in London by Alfred Lester in 1921. Leybourne’s pantomime engagements included Fred Fulton’s Cinderella at His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen, Christmas season, 1920/21.