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John Martin Harvey as King Konrad of Polavia in the one-act play, The Conspiracy, first produced at the Theatre Royal, Dublin, in 1907

March 7, 2014

John Martin Harvey (1863-1944), English actor, as King Konrad of Polavia in the one-act play, The Conspiracy by Robert Barr and Sidney Lewis-Ransom, the action of which centres on a plot by a group of noblemen to depose or assassinate their monarch.
(photo: Daily Mirror Studios, London, 1908; postcard 726 S, published by J. Beagles & Co Ltd, probably 1908)

The Conspiracy was first produced by John Martin Harvey at the Theatre Royal, Dublin, on 8 November 1907. He introduced the piece to London audiences on 9 September 1908, during a twelve weeks’ season at the Adelphi Theatre. The Stage judged his performance as ‘a bold and dignified impersonation, yet graced with all that charm of manner and of diction which render his work so pleasurable.’ (London, Thursday, 14 November 1907, p. 14d). Harvey revived The Conspiracy at the Palladium Theatre, London, on 26 December 1910.


Phyllis Neilson-Terry as Queen Elizabeth, 1912

August 15, 2013

Phyllis Neilson-Terry as Queen Elizabeth in Louis N. Parker’s Drake, His Majesty’s Theatre, London, 3 September 1912
(photo: Daily Mirror Studios, London, 1912)

Louis N. Parker’s pageant play, Drake, produced by the author and Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree, opened at His Majesty’s Theatre, London, on 3 September 1912. The cast was headed by Lyn Harding in the title role, Amy Brandon-Thomas as Elizabeth Sydenham and Phyllis Neilson-Terry as Queen Elizabeth, Herbert Waring as John Doughty and Philip Merivale as Thomas Doughty. During the play’s 221 performance run the part of Drake was also played by Frederick Ross, Harding’s understudy. The costumes, designed by Seymour Lucas, were supplied by B.J. Simmons and L. & H. Nathan.


Horace Howard and Phyllis Monkman’s Black and White Dance

June 22, 2013

Horace Howard and Phyllis Monkman as they appeared in the ‘Black and White Dance’ in the revue 8d. a Mile which was produced at the Alhambra, Leicester Square, London, on 9 May 1913.
(photo: Daily Mirror Studios, London, 1913)

The ‘black and white dance,’ where the dancers’ white shoes, hats and accessories appeared to move by themselves on a totally blacked-out stage, was a novelty introduced from the United States.


Lily Brayton and Oscar Asche in Atilla

May 29, 2013

Lily Brayton (1876-1953) as Ildico and Oscar Asche (1871-1936) as Atilla in Laurence Binyon’s poetical tragedy Atilla, produced at His Majesty’s Theatre, London, on 4 September 1907
(photo: Daily Mirror Studios, London, 1907)

This real photograph postcard, no. 4030 O in the Rotary Photographic Series, issued in 1907 by The Rotary Photographic Co of London, shows Lily Brayton and Oscar Asche in the leading roles of Atilla, Laurence Binyon’s four act poetical tragedy, which was sumptuously produced at His Majesty’s Theatre, London, on 4 September 1907. Although Asche subsequently took Atilla on tour it was among the least successful of his productions, the original run having survived for only 32 performances. Other members of the cast included Godfrey Tearle, J. Fisher White, R. Ian Penny, Gordon Harker, Mary Rorke and Irene Rooke.


January 4, 2013

Maudie Thornton (fl. early 20th Century), English actress and singer (left) as Peter, with Kitty Gordon as Speranza in the short-lived musical comedy, The Antelope, produced at the Waldorf Theatre, London, on 28 November 1908, for a run of only 22 performances (photo: Daily Mirror Studios, London, 1908)