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E.J. Lonnen sings ‘Hush! The Bogie’

June 29, 2013

song sheet cover of ‘Hush! The Bogie’ with a portrait of E.J. Lonnen (1860-1901), English comic actor and singer, as José in the burlesque, Carmen-Up-To-Data, which was produced at the Gaiety Theatre, London on 4 October 1890
(portrait after a photograph by Bassano, London, 1890; lithograph by H.G. Banks; published by E. Ascherberg & Co, London, 1890)

‘Mr. E.J. Lonnen, who seems glad to get back to Lonnun [i.e. London] (the genius loci must excuse this and other lapses from the paths of virtue) as José, was as amusing as ever, and sang “The Jolly Boys’ Club” with immense spirit; even more successful was the song “Hush! the Bogie Man,” in which Mr. Meyer Lütz has annexed a most dainty little bit of melody, and the effect is enhanced by the chorus singing the refrain pp. aux bouches fermées. This is decidedly the gem of the play, and was received with enthusiastic applause. It might have been as well, perhaps, to have mentioned that it was written by Harrigan and composed by Dave Braham, and as such finds its place in No. 15 of the Mohawk Minstrels Magazine, by whom it was sung ten years ago. It is, however, rather rough on Mr. Lütz to say that this is the only plum in the pudding.’
(The Footlights, London, Saturday, 11 October 1890, p.8c/9a)