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Ada Ibrahim

April 25, 2013

a cabinet photograph of Ada Ibrahim (fl. 1880s), wire walker
(photo: Maucourt, Rue Lafaurie de Montbadon, 40, Bordeaux, France, mid 1880s)

‘The most charming and graceful Artiste extant.
‘This Young Lady received a perfect ovation on Saturday.
‘Only a Limited Engagement. Don’t miss seeing her.
(Liverpool Mercury, and Lancashire, Cheshire, and General Advertiser, Monday, 28 June 1886, p. 1c)

Eastham Gardens, Birkenhead, near Liverpool
‘Mdlle. Ada Ibrahim is at present fulfilling a highly successful engagement here. The lady’s movements on the the wire are executed with such gracefulness. The performances is extremely clever, and is undoubtedly a great ”draw.” The adroit gymnasts, Nestor and Aerian, are also here, and are meeting with deserved success.’
(The Era, London, Saturday, 10 July 1886, p. 18c)

‘New and Startling Novelty.
‘MDLLE. ADA IBRAHIM, Wire Equilibriste, the most graceful and charming Artist extant, who has Performed at all the Principal Theatres and Circuses on the Continent.<br. ‘Liverpool courier, June 28th, 1886. – Amongst his various attractions Mr Thompson, the proprietor of the Eastham Gardens, has made a palpable hit by the engagement of Mdlle. Ada Ibrahim, a Parisienne artist of wonderful ability, whose original and graceful performance meets with the most hearty approbation from the numerous spectators who daily flock to those pretty gardens to gaze upon this new protégée of the public. Ignoring the business of Menotti, Wainratta, and other wire walkers, Mdlle. Ibrahim has chosen for herself a performances which is perfectly unique in character as it is daring in execution. Possessed of rare symmetry of figure, her movements on the wire are executed with the most unqualified gracefulness. There is no straining after effect, he attitudes are unstudied, and her manner has that nai:veté and abandon which makes her skilful performance a pleasure to all. On Saturday this talented young artiste met with quite an ovation from several thousand pleasure-seekers.’
‘The Quarry Floral Fête.
‘Local Papers, Shrewsbury. – Amongst the several great attractions of the floral fête Aug. 18th, 19th, at Shrewsbury, special mention is made of the wonderful and graceful performance of that distinguished artist Mdlle. Ada Ibrahim, especially engaged, and whose performance gave the greatest satisfaction to a numerous audience.
‘At Liberty for a few Weeks prior to fulfilling a lengthened Engagement at the London Pavilion.
‘For terms address, Parravicini, 49, Duke-street, London; or, Mdlle. IBRAHIM, Bromborough, Cheshire.’
(The Era, London, Saturday, 28 August 1886, p. 18d)

London Pavilion
‘… Mdlle. Ida [sic] Ibrahim is a wire-walker who undresses ”up aloft,” after a fashion already introduced to frequenters of Music Halls. She first appears in male evening dress, and gets over certain difficulties in her déshabillement very adroitly. She is a graceful and dainty funambulist… .’
(The Era, London, Saturday, 9 October 1886, p. 10a)