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Irene and Bobbie Smith

May 25, 2013

Irene and Bobbie Smith (fl. circa 1912-1920s), American duettists and entertainers
(photo: White, New York, 1915)

Temple Theatre, Fort Wayne, Indiana, December 1913
‘Big audiences greeted the new bill at the Temple and were convinced before the show had gotten well under way that the bill was up to the usual high standard for which the Temple is so well known. As a ventriloquist, the Great Lester is without a peer. What he can’t make that dummy of his do, simply can’t be done. And the “Gee Whiz” of the dummy keeps the audience in one continual uproar. It is the best act of its kind ever seen here. Florence Modena & Co., in a great comedy sketch entitled, “A Lesson in Reform,” pleased greatly. There is much good comedy in it and it is cleverly handled. The Misses Irene and Bobbie Smith, two beautiful young girls just out of their teens, held the audience intensely interested during their act, which consists of singing and some mighty good comedy by one of the girls. Everything the Clemenso Bros. touch turns to music. It is one of the best novelty acts seen here in some time, and just enough comedy acrobatic work is interspersed to make the act a big circuit one. The Delfinos troupe of Chilian wonders close the show with an acrobatic offering that is way above the ordinary one.’
(The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Monday, 15 December 1913, p.7d/e)

‘Irene and Bobbie Smith. Two girls have established themselves as one of the big time vaudeville’s favorite “sister” combinations. They are playing the United time at present, under the direction of Ed. S. Keller.’
(New York Clipper, New York, Saturday, 25 December 1915, p.51b)