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George Rae, Scottish eccentric comedian and dancer

October 18, 2014

George Rae (active 1907-1922), Scottish eccentric comedian and dancer, who appeared towards the beginning of his career on the bill for the opening night of the Finsbury Park Empire, north London, Monday, 5 September 1910. He appeared in the United States in 1912 and again in 1922.
(black and white halftone postcard, circa 1910; photo: unknown; artwork signed ‘Jack Ross’)

New Cross Empire, south east London, week beginning Monday, 31 August 1908
‘George Rae, Scotch comedian, is in fine form, his songs, tales, and dances being rare mirth-provokers.’
(The Kentish Mail and Greenwich and Deptford Observer, Deptford, Friday, 4 September 1908, p. 5e)

Proctor’s 23rd Street Theatre, New York City, week beginning Monday, 27 February 1922
‘George Rae came next. He opened with a Scotch number and was attired in Scotch costume. Following this, he did a bit of talk in Scotch dialect that met with favor. He closed with a Scotch comedy song and dance to a good share of applause. The act is good for the better three a day houses.’
(The New York Clipper, New York, Wednesday, 1 March 1922, p. 11d)