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Lily Lena’s song, ‘Have You Got Another Girl at Home Like Mary?’ 1908

January 11, 2013

Lily Lena (b. 1877), English music hall comedienne

Lily Lena’s song ‘Have You Got Another Girl at Home Like Mary?’
by Alf. J. Lawrence and Fred Godfrey, published by Francis, Day & Hunter, New York, 1908,
song sheet cover design by Starmer
(photo: unknown, circa 1908)

Lily Lena at the Oakland Orpheum, week beginning Monday, 2 August 1909
‘Lily Lena Holds Vaudevillians In Thrall of Cockney Magnetism.
‘Miss Lily Lena supplies the largest portion of Orpheum “fix” this week. She is a newcomer on the circuit, an English concert hall singer of very perceptible accent and a bewildering supply of gowns, which she manages to don between specialties. She bubbles over with magnetism, which affects the audience, even to the farthermost regions in the gallery, and there are no sleepy ones while she holds the boards. Her songs are of the usual order indulged in by “artists” of this class, the opening one having this refrain, “Swing me just a little bit higher, do” [i.e. ‘Swing Me Higher, Obadiah’], and Lily has a very fetching way of conveying to her listeners the meaning between the lines. She has won her spurs on the “other side” [of the Atlantic], and if last night’s reception was any criterion, will have no difficulty in gaining popular favor here. Her recalls were many, and after responding with an encore, miss Lena finally made acknowledgement in a gracefully worded speech.’
(Betty Martin, Oakland Tribune, Oakland, California, Monday, 2 August 1909, p.2c)