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Bertha Waltzinger (1870-1927), American actress and vocalist

January 21, 2013

Bertha Waltzinger (1870-1927), American actress and vocalist
(photo: J. Schloss, New York, 1894)

The Bertha Waltzinger Company at Foster’s Opera House, Des Moines, Iowa, May 1897
The Tar and the Tartar.
‘The Bertha Waltzinger company played at Foster’s opera house last night in The Tar and the Tartar [Adam Itzel, jr.’s comic opera, first produced in 1891 with Helen Bertram]. Miss Waltzinger has a pleasing voice and the high notes are easily reached and the key held without difficulty by her. Her voice grows greater in volume as it goes up the scale. George Boniface, Jr., as Muley Hussan, is a comedian who would do better on the vaudeville stage as he possesses talent in that direction which cannot be well developed in operatic roles. His voice last night was bad on account of a severe cold. He made a hit when he remarked as the big Arab chief came on in the last act: “Hully Gee, I guess he must be from Grinnell, too.”
‘The company includes Miss Bertha Waltzinger, a prima donna, of extensive reputation. George C. Boniface, is equally well known. Adel Estee is a clever soubrette. David Torrence is the popular baritone. Miss Blanche Chapman an artist long and favorably known as a creator of eccentric characters, and others of equal importance.
‘The chorus contains twenty-five voices and is quite an attractive feature of this company’s performance. The costumes were new and quite pleasing.’
(The Daily Iowa Capital, Des Moines, Iowa, Saturday, 29 May 1897, p.2e)