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Ida Brunton

March 19, 2013

a carte de visite photograph of Ida Brunton (fl. 1862-1883), serio-comic, characteristic singer and dancer
(photo: unknown, probably late 1860s)

‘HULL. – LORD LONDESBOROUGH MUSIC HALL. – Engagement of that talented Juvenile Comic artiste, Miss IDA BRUNTON, the London and Provincial favourite. Applauded as much as ever. Her ”Romping Polly” and ”Attention” every Evening. First-class novelties in songs. Sole Agent, W.R. JULIAN, Musical and Sick Fund Association, 35, Bow-street, Covent-garden, to whom all business letters must be addressed.’
(The Era, Sunday, 16 November 1862, p. 1d, advertisement)

‘H.T. JUDE begs to return his best thanks to his numerous Patrons and Friends, and begs to inform them that, at great expense, he has secured the following talented Company to open on Easter Monday, viz: –
‘The ”Curé’ upside down, from Manchester and Birmingham Music Halls; Miss Ida Brunton, Characteristic Singer, ”The Only Female Volunteer,” and as ”Ophelia, Belle of Denmark;” Miss Clayton, the favourite Soprano, from the Glasgow City Hall; Raymond and Howard, the Buckley Minstrels and Negro Delineators; Miss Helen Rose, the pleasing Serio-comic Vocalist.
‘The Concert commences each evening at Eight o’Clock.
‘Dining, Lunch, and Supper Rooms, separate from the Concert Rooms.
(Freeman’s Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser, Dublin, Friday, 3 April 1863, p. 1e, advertisement)

‘DUNDEE. – SPRINGTHORPéS CONCERTS. – Engagement, for Six Nights only, of that popular Serio-Comic and Characteristic Singer, Miss IDA BRUNTON. At liberty 31st instant. Miss Brunton in all her Copyright Burlesque Songs.’
(The Era, London, Sunday, 31 May 1863, p. 1d, advertisement)

Hardy’s Music Hall, Dransgate, Manchester.
‘The last addition to the company has been Mr. Harry Garside, whose comic songs have gained much applause. Mr. Nat Brooke, also, has made a good impression, and Miss Eliza Ward finds many admirers. The engagement of Miss Polly Campbell terminates this (Saturday) evening; her place will be filled by Miss Ida Brunton, a lady unknown in Manchester.’
(The Era, London, Sunday, 30 August 1863, p. 11d)

‘MISS IDA BRUNTON, Serio-Comic, Characteristic, and Dancer (late of Holder’s, Paul’s, Leicester; Wear Music Hall, Sunderland; Tyne and Grainger’s, Newcastle; Whitebait and the Colosseum, Belfast; and lately at the Alhambra Music Hall, Shoreditch, London), will be Disengaged on September 17th. Re-engaged at CANTERBURY HALL, BRIGHTON, August 20th.’
(The Era, London, Sunday, 5 August 1866, p. 1c, advertisement)

The Canterbury Hall, Brighton.
‘Capital audiences have been attracted to this Hall during the week by the excellent company who are now performing here. Madame Valckenaere, and that charming little danseuse, her daughter, are nightly applauded to the echo, and Ida Brunton retains the popularity which she at first created. Miss Georgina Smithson has terminated her engagement, and has been succeeded by Miss Clara Lucette, a very pleasing serio-comic lady, of more than ordinary ability as a vocalist.’
(The Era, London, Sunday, 2 September 1866, p. 12d)

Glad Tidings, by James William and Frank Stainforth, the New Drama, an enormous success. The Press unanimous in praise of its thrilling story, brilliant dialogue, splendid acting, and the magnificent Scenery by Richard Douglas. Every Evening, at Seven, GLAD TIDINGS Messrs. A. Dacre, Odell, F. Shepherd, E. Gurney, Trevor, Vincent; Mesdames Amy Steinberg, E. Falconer, C. Howard, B. Titheradge, Ida Brunton, K. Carlyon. The Drama produced under the Direction of John Douglas.
‘SPECIAL MORNING PERFORMANCE, THURSDAY Next, September 13th, at Two, to which Members of the Profession are invited.’
(The Era, London, Saturday, 8 September 1883, p. 12a, advertisement)