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Louise Dresser

June 13, 2013

Louise Dresser (1878-1965), American stage and screen actress and singer

A song sheet featuring a photograph of Louise Dresser for her rendition of Harry Von Tilzer’s ‘I Remember You,’ published in New York in 1908 by the Harry Von Tilzer Music Publishing Co, included in Charles Frohman’s production Broadway production of The Girls of Gottenberg, the successful musical comedy from the Gaiety Theatre, London.

The smaller photograph is of Harry Von Tilzer.

(photo: unknown, probably New York, circa 1908; artwork by Gene Buck)

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Louise Dresser at the Colonial Theatre, New York, June 1908
‘Favorite Comedienne Reappears.
‘Louise Dresser made her reappearance in vaudeville at the Colonial, after two seasons in musical comedy, and was warmly greeted by her large circle of friends and admirers. She made a charming picture in a simple dress of white that showed her blonde beauty to perfection. Her selections included “The Minstrel Man,” “My Gal Sal” (by the late Paul Dresser), “I’m Awfully Strong for You,” George M. Cohan’s song, and that lively lilt, “I Want to Be Loved Like a Leading Lady in a Regular Broadway Play.” All of the songs were given with infinite skill and charm, and Miss Dresser’s success was unequivocal.’
(The New York Dramatic Mirror, New York, Saturday, 4 July 1908, p.14a)