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Lily Elsie and Ivor Novello in The Truth Game, 1928/29

June 7, 2014

Lily Elsie and Ivor Novello as Rosine Browne and Max Clement in H.E.S. Davidson’s [i.e. Ivor Novello’s] light comedy The Truth Game, first produced at the Globe Theatre, London, on 5 October 1928. A tour followed its closure on 23 February 1929, returning to London (Daly’s Theatre) on 25 June 1929 for a further 22 performances.
(photo: E. Harrington, New Bond Street, London, 1928; postcard no. 339K published by J. Beagles & Co Ltd, 1928)


Ivor Novello, Lilian Braithwaite and Joyce Carey at Redroofs, 1933

November 5, 2013

a snapshot of Ivor Novello (1893-1951) with friends, the actresses Lilian Braithwaite (1873-1948) and her daughter, Joyce Carey (1898-1993) at his country home, Redroofs, near Maindenhead, Berkshire.
(photo: probably Bobby Andrews, 1933)


Beatrice Lillie and Ivor Novello taking time off in 1927 at Charlwood House, West Hoathly, Sussex

November 1, 2013

Beatrice Lillie and Ivor Novello taking time off in 1927 at Charlwood House, West Hoathly, Sussex.
(snapshot photo: probably Bobbie Andrews, 1927)


Ivor Novello and Jean Webster Brough in The Rat

March 18, 2013

a photograph prepared for newspaper use of Ivor Novello as Pierre Boucheron and Jean Webster Brough as Rose in The Rat: The Story of an Apache, a play by David L’Estrange (Constance Collier and Ivor Novello), which was first produced at the Prince of Wales’s Theatre, London, on 9 June 1924
(photo: Yevonde Ltd, Manchester, 1924)


January 31, 2013

Ivor Novello (1893-1951), British actor, composer and theatrical producer,
and Mary Ellis (1897-2003), American star actress and singer
(photo: snapshot, probably by Bobby Andrews, England, 1935)

This photograph was taken at about the time of Novello’s successful musical play, Glamorous Night, which was first produced at Drury Lane, London, on 2 May 1935. Mary Ellis, lately returned to London from filming in Hollywood, created the role of Militza Hájos in which character she sang two of Novello’s most memorable numbers, ‘Glamorous Night’ and (with Trefor Jones) ‘Fold Your Wings.’ Both were recorded for the HMV label in London on 9 April 1935. Glamorous Night with Mary Ellis, Trefor Jones and an all-star cast was produced as a film in 1937.


December 26, 2012

Teddie Gerard (1892-1942), Argentinean-born American actress and singer, in A to Z, a revue by Dion Titheradge, Ronald Jeans and Helen Trix, with music by Ivor Novello and Helen Trix, produced at the Prince of Wales’s Theatre, London, on 11 October 1921. Miss Gerard joined the cast in January 1922. (photo: unknown, London, early 1922)

‘The Finest Fashion Creation on the London Stage.

‘Miss Teddie Gerard, wearing a costume that has created a furore in London. Its lavishness and beauty has been the topic of much conversation by all who have witnessed the stage production A to Z, in which Miss Gerard appears. The gown is of gold cloth, decorated with pearls and diamonds, while the head-dress has long ear-rings set with diamonds that reach to the shoulders. This costume alone costs more than the aggregated cost of the costumes of an entire chorus.’ (uncredited press caption, USA, 5 February 1922)

Teddy [sic] Gerard, Famous Actress, Whose Back Vies in Contour and symmetry with the Reigning Favorite Backs of the London Stage.

‘… [Alice] Delysia’s back, it is said, figures all the way through the book from which her play was adapted. Teddie Gerard is another owner of a bewitchingly fashioned spine and she is exhibiting it to best advantage at the Prince of Wales Theatre… .’ (Dr. Millard, ‘I Wish I Could Make Beautiful Backs a Fashion,’ San Antonio Evening News, San Antonio, Texas, 20 October 1922, Magazine Section, p. 5)