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Lily Morris as Jack in the pantomime, Jack and Jill at the Prince’s Theatre, Bristol, Christmas 1907

December 6, 2013

Lily Morris (1882-1952), English music hall comedienne and pantomime principal boy as she appeared in the role of Jack opposite Mabel Russell as Jill in the pantomime Jack and Jill, at the Prince’s Theatre, Bristol, Christmas 1907.
(photo: Protheroe, Bristol, 1907/1908)

‘The part of Jack has been allotted to Miss Lily Morris, who was with us [at the Prince’s Theatre, Bristol] two seasons ago, and it is a character to which she is eminently suited. She has plenty of spirit, and invests the part with the necessary amount of dash and ”go.” Miss Morris is abundantly supplied with songs, which she will quickly popularise; in fact, ”My Lassie from Lancashire” was soon caught up on the first night. She also sings, ”Put me amongst the girls” and ”Meet me, Jenny, when the sun goes down.” Miss Mabel Russell, as the principal girl, Jill, undertakes the part charmingly. Miss Morris and Miss Russell work hard together, and they are amply rewarded by applause. Miss Russell shows her capabilities as a dancer after singing one or two acceptable ditties, and she has already become a warm favourite.’
(The Stage, London, Thursday, 2 January 1908, pp. 5e-6b)