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Johnny Glass

June 22, 2013

Johnny Glass (fl. early 20th Century), American vaudeville comedian
(photo: F. Barrington Wright, Southend on Sea, England, probably 1915)

Johnny Glass appears to have arrived in the United Kingdom in early 1915 to fulfil an engagement in the tour of the second edition of the revue, Full Inside. This ‘a merry, musical dream,’ written by Charles Willmott and Ernest C. Rolls, with music by Herman Darewski, was originally produced at the Oxford music hall, London, on 29 December 1913. Glass, who was described at the time as ‘an amusing negro comedian,’ replaced Harry Brown, another American coloured comedian, who had introduced into the revue his song, ‘Every bit of Love I had for You is Gone.’

Various changes of cast in Full Inside, including Stanley Brett, Ennis Parkes and Jenny Benson, occurred during the tour, which came to an end in the summer of 1915. After that Glass was featued at a number of music halls; at the Alhambra, Glasgow, beginning Monday, 15 November 1915, he was ‘excellent in quips and jests.’ (The Stage, London, Thursday, 18 November 1915, p. 22e). He seems to have returned to the United States in 1916.

* * * * *

‘Johnny Glass writes from London that good colored acts are in demand in England, despite the war, and that colored turns should take advantage of the opportunity and make their way to London.’
(The New York Age, New York, Thursday, 21 October 1915, p. 6b)