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Adele Astaire in Lady Be Good, Liberty Theatre, New York, 1924

April 29, 2014

Adele Astaire (1896-1981), American vaudeville and musical comedy actress, singer and dancer, as she appeared in the part of Susie Trevor in the George and Ira Gershwin musical, Lady, Be Good! produced on Broadway at the Liberty Theatre on 1 December 1924.
(photo: Edward Thayer Monroe, New York, 1924)


Al Sexton and chorus in George White’s Scandals, Liberty Theatre, New York, 1919

April 21, 2014

Al Sexton (born about 1900, active 1919-1935), American actor and singer, as The Singing Juvenile, with chorus as they appeared for the song, ‘Broadway Belles‘ in George White’s Scandals of 1919, which opened at the Liberty Theatre, New York, on 2 June 1919.
(photo: unknown, New York, 1919)

This recording by Al Sexton cannot possibly do him justice but it is the only one to hand at the moment.


The Arcadians, Liberty Theatre, New York, 1910

June 24, 2013

some of the cast in the New York production of The Arcadians, Liberty Theatre, 17 January 1910, including (fourth from left) Julia Sanderson as Eileen Cavanagh, fifth from left) Connie Ediss as Mrs Smith, (centre, left) Frank Moulan as James Smith / Simplicitas and (centre, right), Alan Mudie as Jack Meadows
(photo: unknown, New York, 1910)

The Arcadians, an immensely popular English musical play by Mark Ambient, A.M. Thompson and Arthur Wimperis, with music by Lionel Monckton and Howard Talbot, that ran for 810 performances at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London, between June 1909 and July 1911, reached the United States early in 1910. After playing for three weeks in Philadelphia (Forrest Theatre, 4 January 1910), the Charles Frohman production moved to New York where it opened on 17 January.