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Chu-Chin-Chow, New York, 1916

May 31, 2015

The cover of the ‘Souvenir and Story of the Play’ for the New York production of Oscar Asche’s Chu-Chin-Chow, a ‘Musical Tale of the East,’ which was produced at the Manhattan Opera House, New York, on 22 October 1917, transferring to the Century Theatre, New York, on 14 January 1918. After a total of 208 performances the production went on a United States tour.
(‘Designed, Engraved and Printed by The Sackett & Wilhelms Corporation, New York,’ 1917)

The original London production of Chu-Chin-Chow, was produced at His Majesty’s Theatre on 31 August 1916 and ran until 22 July 1921, a total of 2238 performances. The leading roles of Abu Hasan and Zahrat Al-Kulub were first played in London respectively by Oscar Ashe (1871-1936) and his wife, Lily Brayton (1876-1953). In New York those parts were taken by Tyrone Power senior (1869-1931) and Florence Reed (1883-1967).


Lily Brayton and Oscar Asche in Atilla

May 29, 2013

Lily Brayton (1876-1953) as Ildico and Oscar Asche (1871-1936) as Atilla in Laurence Binyon’s poetical tragedy Atilla, produced at His Majesty’s Theatre, London, on 4 September 1907
(photo: Daily Mirror Studios, London, 1907)

This real photograph postcard, no. 4030 O in the Rotary Photographic Series, issued in 1907 by The Rotary Photographic Co of London, shows Lily Brayton and Oscar Asche in the leading roles of Atilla, Laurence Binyon’s four act poetical tragedy, which was sumptuously produced at His Majesty’s Theatre, London, on 4 September 1907. Although Asche subsequently took Atilla on tour it was among the least successful of his productions, the original run having survived for only 32 performances. Other members of the cast included Godfrey Tearle, J. Fisher White, R. Ian Penny, Gordon Harker, Mary Rorke and Irene Rooke.