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Lizzie Lisette, English music hall serio-comic vocalist and dancer

January 3, 2013

Lizzie Lisette (otherwise Lizzette, fl. late 1860s/early 1870s), ‘Dances and sings,’ English music hall serio-comic vocalist and dancer (photo: A.R. MacWilliams, Glasgow, circa 1870)

‘MUSEUM CONCERT HALL, Bull Ring. [Birmingham] Proprietor, Mr. G. BIBEE. – THIS PRESENT EVENING (Tuesday), March 14 [1870], and during the week. First Appearance of Miss LIZZIE LISETTE, Serio-comic Vocalist, and Mr. HARRY WARD, Comic Vocalist. Continued Success of the following Artistes: – Mons. SYLVESTRE, the Great Contortionist; Mr. GEO. WASHINGTON, Negro Comedian; Mr. WYNDHAM CLARK, Tenor, Vocalist; Mrs. WARREN, Serio-comic; Miss EMILY WARREN, Character Vocalist and Dancer; and the BROTHERS SUTHERLAND, on the Flying Rings. Doors open at Seven; commence at Half-past.’ (The Birmingham Daily Post, Birmingham, Tuesday, 15 March 1870, p. 1a, advertisement)

‘THE MUSEUM CONCERT HALL continues to attract a large number of patrons. The company of artists is, if anything, stronger than usual, and as a result the programme has shown considerable variety. The principal performers have been Miss Lizzie Lisette and Mr. Harry Ward, in the comic line; Mr. W. Clark, tenor, in the sentimental; M. Sylvestre and the Brothers Sunderland, in the gymnastic; and Mr. G. Washington, in the negro line.’ (The Birmingham Daily Post, Birmingham, Saturday, 19 Marcy 1870, p. 6d)