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Liane d’Eve, French chanteuse and dancer

April 15, 2014

Liane d’Eve (active 1903-1925), French chanteuse and dancer
(photo: Dobson, 132 Bold Street, Liverpool, circa 1919)

Liane d’Eve was born about 1878/78 in Saint-Dizier, north eastern France. She appears to have begun her career about 1902/03 and then made the first of many appearances in London at the Empire Theatre, Leicester Square, during November 1905. She also went to the United States on two occasions, the first in 1907, when she made her debut on Monday, 18 November 1907, at the New York Theatre (where she was said to have been earning £200 per week), and again in 1923. Mdlle. d’Eve resided in London for part of her career, from about 1911 until about 1920.

The Eldorado, Ostend, Belgium, July 1903
‘Au clair de la lune … . L’autre soir, à l’Eldorado, la très élégante Liane d’Eve, en chantant cette délicieuse sérénade ”Bonsoir, madame la Lune … .”, a évoqué le souvenir deces autres couplets qui bercérent notre enfance: ”Au clair de la lune, mon ami Paierrot… .”.’
(Le Carillon, Ostend, Friday, 17 July 1903, p. 2d)

‘On nous demande le nom de l’éditeur de la nouvelle danse chantée et dansée par Mme Liane d’Eve. Cette danse a été éditée par la maison Veiller, 21, rue de Choiseul. It est certain que ”la Talonnette”, par son genre distingué, sera dansée demain dans tous les salons parisiens.’
(Le Figaro, Paris, Thursday, 4 April 1907, p. 5d)

The Tivoli music hall, London, week of Monday, 8 July 1907
‘Mr. Joseph Wilson’s programme at the popular Strand resort underwent a few changes on Monday evening, the chief new-comer being Mdlle. Liane d’Eve, a French singer with an attractive personality. The chief feature of her turn is that her changes of costume are made coram publico in a specially arranged dressing-room in the centre opening of the stage. Mdlle. D’Eve has a very agreeable voice, which is heard in five songs, of which the ”Mattiche” air is the last, this being followed by the characteristic dance.’
(The Stage, London, Thursday, 11 July 1907, p. 12d)

‘Mlle. Liane D’Eve, who appeared at the Tivoli on Monday night, is no stranger to town. She appeared at the Empire over twelve months ago, not, however, in exactly identical circumstances. Mlle. D’Eve is a beautiful girl who emerges from a large picture frame at the back of the stage. She sings and dances quite delightfully, returning from time to time to her frame, which is, in fact, a little dressing-room, and there changing her costume, even to delicate details, in full view of the audience.’ (Weekly Dispatch, London, Sunday, 14 July 1907, p. 10d)

The Holborn Empire, London, week beginning Monday, 24 July 1922
‘Liane D’Eve, the French comedienne, sings a number of songs in French and English to evident approval, but no artistic purpose is served by her changing her costumes in front of the audience. Nor is her idea of coming down right among the audience in her ”Play With Me” number a practice to be encouraged. Many people object to being singled out in an audience by a performer – to do so at close quarters only aggravates the business.’
(The Stage, London, Thursday, 27 July 1922, p. 10b)