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Frank H. Westerton, English actor

March 29, 2014

Frank H. Westerton (1866-1923), English actor
(cabinet photo: William Schuth, 170 Fleet Street, London, E.C., probably 1893)

Francis Henry Westerton was born on 6 April 1866, one of the sons of Samuel John Westerton (1840-1889) and his wife Adelaide (1839-1915, née Adkinson). At first employed as a clerk, he began his successful theatrical career in the late 1880s and was sometime with Ben Greet’s Company. He first went to the United States in 1903, after which he appeared many times on Broadway and in 1914 he appeared as Lescaut in the American film Manon Lescaut, starring Lina Cavalieri in the title role. Meanwhile, in Manhattan on 16 February 1905 he married the American actress, Madge E. McNulty. Westerton died in New York City on 25 August 1923.

Frank H. Westerton Digital ID: th-64544. New York Public Library
(photo: unknown, probably USA, circa 1920; from The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts / Billy Rose Theatre Division)