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Gloria Martinez, ‘the Beautiful Cuban,’ American burlesque actress

January 15, 2014

Gloria Martinez (active 1890-1915), American vaudeville/burlesque actress, ‘professionally known as the Beautiful Cuban’
(photo: J.B. Wilson, Chicago, circa 1902; halftone postcard published by the Philadelphia Post Card Co, no. 66, circa 1902)

Gloria Martinez, whose real name was Julia Boyle, appeared in various United States touring vaudeville/burlesque companies, including The Jersey Lilies Company, the New Century Girls and The Midnight Maidens.

The Jersey Lillies this season is playing the same pieces as last season. Both were written by Leon Erroll. Mr. Erroll was with the show last year. His part is now taken by Charlie Howard, who is featured, although James E. (Bluch) Cooper is the owner and plays a principal comedy role… .
‘Marty Regan is the same good ”rube” [hick or redneck] constable and Miss [Lucia] Cooper the same imposing principal woman, perhaps a little too much so in tights.
‘Glora Martinez, however, made such an attractive figure at the head of the chorus in an Amazon March that Miss Cooper might well leave Miss Martinez in full possession of all the honors she has taken in the ”figger” [i.e. figure] division of the performance… .’
(Variety, New York, Saturday, 10 February 1912, p. 25b/c)