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L. Bullock and Maisie Ellinger as Lord and Lady Shoeford in Augustus Moore’s company on tour in the United Kingdom in La Toledad during 1903/04

December 8, 2013

L. Bullock and Maisie Ellinger as Lord and Lady Shoeford in Augustus Moore’s company on tour in the United Kingdom in the comic opera La Toledad during 1903/04.
(photo: unknown, United Kingdom, 1903/04; coloured halftone postcard published H.M. & Co., London, 1903/04)

The English version by Augustus Moore of Felicien Carré and Edmond Audran‘s La Toledad was first produced at the Theatre Royal, Windsor on Saturday, 11 April 1903. The title role was played by Georgina Delmar and other members of the cast included Emily Soldene as La Maracona, Alec Marsh, Charles Collette, Roland Cunningham, and A.S. Barber and Mary Collette as Lord and Lady Shoeford.

A condensed version of La Toledad was presented on the variety stage at the Palace Theatre, London, for a four week season beginning Monday, 19 October 1903 in which Georgina Delmar played the title role. Other members of the cast were Kitty Marion (who replaced Emily Soldene), Ernest Freshwater, Maisie Ellinger and L. Bullock. The bill for the first week or two also included Loie Fuller ‘in her series of delightfully artistic and mysterious dances,’ Daisy Jerome and others.


Marie Tempest

May 9, 2013

Marie Tempest (1864-1942), English actress and vocalist, as O Mimosa San in The Geisha: A Story of a Teahouse, Daly’s, London, 25 April 1896.
(photo: Alfred Ellis, London, 1896)

500th performance of The Geisha, Daly’s Theatre, London, September 1897
’ By the way, the 500th performance of The Geisha, at Daly’s Theatre, last week – albeit there was no distribution of souvenirs, and Mr. George Edwardes refrained from making one of his characteristic speeches – was memorable if only by reason of the stirring ovation accorded by the overflowing audience to each of the prominent members of the cast now happily returned from well-deserved holidays. Miss Tempest, who resumed her part after a short visit to Aix-les-Bains, received a welcome on her home-coming which visibly affected her. Later on in the play, when Miss Letty Lind tripped across the bridge with her ‘riskha, there was another burst of applause, which prevented her from beginning her dialogue for some moments. For the rest the popular enthusiasm was pretty evenly distributed among Mr. Hayden Coffin, Mr. Huntley Wright, and Mr. Rutland Barrington. At the close a galleryite summed up the situation in a terse sentence which nobody seemed inclined to dispute, “Good old George [Edwardes] always gives us good value!” Amongst the artists who are still filling their original parts in The Geisha at Daly’s is Miss Mary Collette, the original O Kamurasaki San.’
(The Bristol Times and Mirror, Bristol, Tuesday, 14 September 1897, p.3g)