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Jenny Beauclerc

March 1, 2013

a carte de visite photograph of Jenny Beauclerc (fl, late 1860s-early 1880s),
English actress and singer
(photo: The London Stereoscopic & Photographic Co Ltd, London, crica 1870)

Theatre Royal and Opera House, Bradford, Yorkshire
‘Without hinting at a detailed notice of their performance, I may say that the stock company which Mr. Rice has got together at the theatre is a strong one. Mr. E. Harris, a good actor last season, is a better [one] now; his ”party by the name of Johnson” in the Lancashire Lass [the burlesque by H.J. Byron] is really a very clever performance. Mr. C. Groves’s comedy, too, is not to be sneezed at. Miss Meadway, the leading actress thus far, has plenty of vigour; but is decidedly of too melodramatic a turn. Miss Jenny Beauclerc is already one of the most valuable members of Mr. Rice’s corps dramatique, and a favourite of the audience, ”gods and all.” She is a simple, pleasing actress, and a very sweet singer; her gestures are especially graceful, and might be commended as a study to many an older actress. The names of Miss Phillis Glover appeared in Mr. Rice’s list of the new company. I have seen this young lady act elsewhere, and am anxious to witness her appearance at Bradford. She is an actress of sterling merit. What with melodrama, ballet and burlesque, Mr. Rice offers a very varied and attractive bill of fare, and deserves, as he is receiving, public support.’
(The Bradford Observer, Bradford, Yorkshire, Friday, 17 September 1869, p. 4b)