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Phyllis Harding

May 27, 2013

Phyllis Harding (fl. Early 20th Century), as she appeared during the run of The 9 O’Clock Revue, written by Harold Simpson and Morris Harvey, with music by Muriel Lillie and additional numbers by J. Ord Hamilton, which opened at the Little Theatre, London, on 28 October 1922
(photo: Janet Jevons, London, circa 1923)

One of Phyllis Harding’s earliest appearances was in the successful revue The League of Notions, described by its writers John Murray Anderson and Augustus Barratt as ‘An Inconsequential Process of Music, Dance and Dramatic Interlude,’ which opened at the New Oxford Theatre, London, on 17 January 1921 and ran for 359 performances. The cast also included A.W. Baskcomb, Bert Coote, the Trix Sisters (Helen and Josephine), the Dolly Sisters (Jennie and Rosie) and Greta Frayne. After fulfilling a number of similar engagements in London and on tour, including an up-to-date version of Alice in Wonderland, Miss Harding appeared for several years on Broadway and subsequent United States tours in such productions as Noel Coward’s This Year of Grace (Selwyn Theatre, New York, 7 November 1928) and Conversation Piece (44th Street Theatre, New York, 23 October 1934).


Nat D. Ayer, American song-writer and entertainer

January 4, 2013

Nat D. Ayer (1887-1952)
American song-writer and entertainer
(photo: Gould & Marsden Inc, New York, circa 1912)

Nat D. Ayer, who arrived in England with the American Ragtime Octette in 1912 and who was composer of a string of hit songs, including ‘Oh, You Beautiful Doll,’ ‘You’re My Baby’ and ‘If You Were the Only Girl in the World,’ here sings another of his compositions entitled ‘Cleopatra’ from the review Pell Mell, which opened at the Ambassadors’ Theatre, London, on 5 June 1916; he is accompanied by an orchestra conducted by Edward Jones of the Ambassadors’ (HMV C-694, mx HO-1926ac, recorded Hayes, Middlesex, near London, 19 June 1916). Besides Ayer himself, the cast of Pell Mell included Alice Delysia, Morris Harvey, Dorothy Minto, Leon Morton and Moya Nugent.