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Martha Cashmore

March 29, 2013

a cabinet photograph of Martha Cashmore (fl. late 1870s-mid 1920s), English equestrienne and circus performer
(photo: Henry Morgan, Crockherbtown, Cardiff, circa 1885)

‘Notice to Circus Proprietors, Managers of First-class Concert Halls, and Others.
‘IKE CASHMORE, Clown; Madame CASHMORE, Champion Tight-Rope Dancer of the World and Scene Act Rider; Miss MARTHA CASHMORE, High Stilts; and Little JOE, one of the Smallest Tumbling Clowns of the day, now fulfilling a Four Months’ successful Engagement with Messrs Powell and Clarke. Will be at Liberty on the 16th. Glad to hear from old friends. Letters to Mary-street, Cork, Ireland. N.B. – Wardrobe and Apparatus good. No objection to America. Should this meet the eye of Mr Joseph Ashby, Equestrian, by sending his address he will hear of something to his advantage.’
(The Era, London, Sunday, 10 March 1878, p. 16 d, advertisement)

‘WANTED, Proprietors to know Joseph Henry Cashmore, Comic Knockabout Clown, High Stilts, Juggler, Running Globe, Vaulter, &c., and his talented sister, Martha Cashmore, Slack Wire Artist, also Louisa Cashmore, graceful Tight Rope Dancer, will be at Liberty Oct. 18th for at Home or Abroad. Good dresses and a good appearance. None but responsible Managers treated with. Private address, No. 3, Albert-street, Folkstone.’
(The Era, London, Saturday, 25 September 1886, p. 20c, advertisement)

Leicester, March 1890
‘CIRCUS. – Proprietor, Mr. Edwin Croueste. – Nero, with his trained elephant Gipsy, is the big attraction a this place of amusement. Other fresh arrivals are Wallancini, who does some clever tumbling; Joe Cashmore, with his stilt performance; and Miss Martha Cashmore, in her marvellous equilibristic act. The charming spectacle Cinderella continues to be a special feature of the entertainment.’
The Era, London, Saturday, 22 March 1890, p. 15e)

For further information about Martha Cashmore, her father, the equestrian clown Ike Cashmore, and other members of the Cashmore family, see John Turner, Victorian Arena, The Performers, Lingdales Press, Formby, Liverpool, 1995, vol. I, p. 23.