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The Revilos, English dance band, London, early 1920s

October 5, 2014

The Revilos (active early 1920s), English dance band, as they appeared at the Princes’ Hotel and Restaurant, Jermyn Street, Piccadilly, London, in 1922
(photo: Hana, London, 1922)

‘A First Class English Band at Prince’s.
‘The Revilos, who came to the fore at our ”Tango Ball” [in May 1922], are now playing at Prince’s [sic]. They have a first class combination, including two French horns, and are featuring the Lawrence Wright productions, especially ”Caravan” [a fox-trot by Gene McCarthy and Gene Williams]. As will be seen from the photograph [above], they can put their usual instruments on one side and give a delightful Hawaiian interlude.’
(The Dancing Times, London, November 1922, p. 147)