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Rose Stella

February 11, 2013

Rose Stella
(photo: Houseworth, San Francisco, probably late 1870s)

Rose Stella in the pantomime Humpty Dumpty, Royal Theatre, Sydney, Australia, Christmas 1877
Sydney, 4 January 1878 – ‘There is plenty of attraction at the theatres. At the Royal we have a fine pantomime – Humpty Dumpty, with lots of fun in it, lots of nonsense, and abundance of good scenery and music. The transformation scene is in Wilson’s best style, and there is a double harlequinade – a senior and a junior clown, pantaloon, harlequin, and columbine, and the youngsters are remarkably sprightly and clever. Miss Rose Stella, who was one of the principals of the Soldene Opera Company – and a charming, vivacious little warbler she is, with a slight foreign accent in her speech – is the leading vocalist. Being the only pantomime in Sydney this year, Humpty Dumpty is in for a long run. It draws crowded houses every night.’
(The Brisbane Courier, Brisbane, Australia, Tuesday, 8 January 1878, p. 3e)