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Gertrude Briscoe

May 16, 2013

Gertrude Briscoe (fl. 1890s), English musical comedy and pantomime dancer and small part player
(photo: Powls & May, Birmingham and Bordesley, mid 1890s)

Gertrude Briscoe appeared as a dancer and small part player in various musical comedies and pantomimes, at least once in London (in the Drury Lane pantomime, Aladdin, Christmas 1896), but mostly on tour.

Theatre Royal, Hanley
‘Mr George Edwardes’s No. 1 company has been drawing big houses here this week with A Gaiety Girl. In the title-rĂ´le, not by any means an exacting part, Miss Miriam Clements acts well, and makes a charming figure … ‘The three Gaiety Girls are notable figures as given by Miss Evelyn Murton, Miss Gertrude Briscoe, and Miss Rosina Hillyer …’
(The Era, London, Saturday, 5 May 1894, p. 18d)

Theatre and Opera House, Cheltenham
Morocco Bound was played here on Monday evening. The burden of the work falls to the share of Messrs. G.T. Minshull and Willie Drew, who as Spoofah Bey and Squire Higgins act with abundant humour. Miss Eva Levens has won enthusiastic applause for her spirited acting and charming dancing as Ethel Sportington; Miss May Roy has been most successful as the Countess; Miss Flo Morrison sings prettily as Ethel; and Miss Gertrude Briscoe has scored with an eccentric dance. All the other parts are excellently acted.’
(The Era, London, Saturday, 1 December 1894, p. 19e)

‘A New Musical Duologue, Written by Harold Cheverelles, Music by Jennie Frankin, Produced at St. George’s Hall at a Matinee on Friday, Dec. 6th.
‘Svengali … Miss Jennie Franklin
‘Trilby … Mr Harold Cheverelles
‘This proved to be a very feeble skit on the ”Trilby” theme, and was amateurish and wearisome in the extreme … ‘Miss Gertrude Briscoe gained applause with a graceful Spanish dance.’
(The Era, London, Saturday, 7 December 1895, p. 11c)