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Teddie Gerard sings ‘Hawaiian Butterfly’

February 26, 2013

song sheet cover for the song ‘Hawaiian Butterfly,’
lyrics by George A. Little and music by Billy Baskette and Joseph Santly,
sung by Teddie Gerard in Andre Charlot’s successful ‘musical entertainment,’ Bubbly,
produced at the Comedy Theatre, London, on 5 May 1917
(photos: left, Malcolm Arbuthnot; right, Wrather & Buys, London, 1917)

Miss Gerard, accompanied by a chorus and the Comedy Theatre Orchestra conducted by Philip Braham, recorded ‘Hawaiian Butterfly’ for the Columbia label (L-1188) in London during May 1917.


December 26, 2012

Teddie Gerard (1892-1942), Argentinean-born American actress and singer (photo: Malcolm Arbuthnot, London, circa 1916)


‘Teddy [sic] Gerard Objects to Publicity Given Her Case While in Reno (Special Dispatch to The Call)

‘RENO, Nev., Oct. 15 [1909]. – After elegantly furnishing a cottage in Holcomb street in this city, Mrs. Theodora Raymond, known in New York as Teddy Gerard, the actress, has returned to New York. She has taken her friend, Miss Broderick, with her, and her attorney, James Boyd, reports that she will not return to this city, although it was her intention to sue for a divorce after staying here the required length of time.

‘Mrs. Raymond spent more than $2,000 furnishing her home in this city and her other expenses during the month were about $1,400.

‘Attorney Boyd says that undue publicity caused Mrs. Raymond to leave Reno. He declares that the reporters and correspondents in Rena are driving many wealthy divorcees from the city by their persistent practice of publishing facts concerning their plans.’ (The San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California, Saturday, 16 October 1909, p. 11d/e)


December 26, 2012

Teddie Gerard (1892-1942), Argentinean-born American actress and singer, in A to Z, a revue by Dion Titheradge, Ronald Jeans and Helen Trix, with music by Ivor Novello and Helen Trix, produced at the Prince of Wales’s Theatre, London, on 11 October 1921. Miss Gerard joined the cast in January 1922. (photo: unknown, London, early 1922)

‘The Finest Fashion Creation on the London Stage.

‘Miss Teddie Gerard, wearing a costume that has created a furore in London. Its lavishness and beauty has been the topic of much conversation by all who have witnessed the stage production A to Z, in which Miss Gerard appears. The gown is of gold cloth, decorated with pearls and diamonds, while the head-dress has long ear-rings set with diamonds that reach to the shoulders. This costume alone costs more than the aggregated cost of the costumes of an entire chorus.’ (uncredited press caption, USA, 5 February 1922)

Teddy [sic] Gerard, Famous Actress, Whose Back Vies in Contour and symmetry with the Reigning Favorite Backs of the London Stage.

‘… [Alice] Delysia’s back, it is said, figures all the way through the book from which her play was adapted. Teddie Gerard is another owner of a bewitchingly fashioned spine and she is exhibiting it to best advantage at the Prince of Wales Theatre… .’ (Dr. Millard, ‘I Wish I Could Make Beautiful Backs a Fashion,’ San Antonio Evening News, San Antonio, Texas, 20 October 1922, Magazine Section, p. 5)