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Katie Seymour sings ‘In Disguise (The Masquerade Song’ in The Casino Girl, Knickerbocker Theatre, New York, 1901

April 13, 2014

Katie Seymour (1870-1903), English actress, dancer and singer, featured on a lithograph poster advertising the New York Journal for Sunday, 21 April 1901, in which copies were included of ‘In Disguise (The Masquerade Song),’ which, as Dolly Twinkle, she sang in The Casino Girl at the Knickerbocker Theatre, New York, in April and May 1901.

‘Knickerbocker Theatre (Harry Mann, manager). – The rather mildly entertaining and only fairly creditable American product, The Casino Girl, returned to this [New York] the city of its original production, after having been Angelicised [sic] to some extent. The house on the opening night, April 8 [1901], was crowded in all parts, and, thought there is little genuine humor in the book and lyrics, the play’s spectacular features and several musical contributions were hailed as sufficient compensation for a visit to the house, and the evening was successful. James E. Sullivan suffered from a lame dialect, but was otherwise capable, and Katie Seymour danced gracefully and made a distinct hit. Albert Hart and Sam Collins, in their original roles, proved as nimble and as clever as formerly, while Ella Snyder made a pleasing exponent of the title role. Charles Dox contrived to do some creditable work, and the others of the cast made the most of their opportunities… .’
(The New York Clipper, New York, 13 April 1901, Saturday, 148c)