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Saharet in London, 1897

November 18, 2013

Saharet (24 March 1879-?1942), Australian acrobatic dancer
(photo: The Fine-Art Photographers’ Publishing Co, 46 Rydevale Road, London, SW, circa 1897)

‘Another fair artist from Australia, Saharet, acrobatic dancer, will make her first appearance in London at the Palace Theatre on Monday [2 August 1897].’
(The Era, London, Saturday, 31 July 1897, p. 17c)

The Palace Theatre, London, week beginning Monday, 2 August 1897
‘The holiday programme at the Palace Theatre of Varieties is an attractive one. The old favourites have been judiciously retained, and several new ”turns” have been added to the pleasing and varied programme at the house ruled over so judiciously by Mr. Charles Morton. First let us deal with the artists whose names are less familiar to the London music hall patron. One of these if Saharet, described as the ”celebrated Australian dancer.” Saharet is a pretty girl with a profusion of jet-black hair, which, either by accident or design, falls on her shoulders in glossy masses in the efforts of her dancing, which is of the semi-acrobatic sort. She does the ”splits” with ease; and, standing on one leg, elevates the other to a perpendicular position, maintaining it in place without the help of a hand. This feat is, we imagine, an extremely difficult one. Her whirlings on one extremity, her somersaults, and her high-kickings are very vivacious. Altogether, she has made an excellent impression at the Palace… .’
(The Era, London, Saturday, 7 August 1897, p. 16a)