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Marietta Ravel

February 14, 2013

a carte de visite photograph of Marietta Ravel (b. 1847),
French actress, pantomimist, danseuse and tight-rope performer
(photo: C. D. Fredricks & Co, New York, circa 1865)

Marietta Ravel on tour in the United States, 1866
‘THEATER – BENEFIT OF M’LLE RAVEL. – During the past week M’lle Marietta Ravel has been delighting the theater going public of this city with her wonderful and pleasing performances, and this evening will take a benefit. She will appear as captain Vanderdecken in the Flying Dutchman, and also in her wonderful performance on the tight-rope. We have seen a number of actresses of the school of M’lle Ravel, but do not recollect having seen such graceful and attractive acting as that for which she has gained such an excellent reputation.
‘She should have a full house upon this her benefit night, and last appearance here.’
(Daily Milwaukee News, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Thursday, 22 February 1866, p. 5d)