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Wilson Barrett

May 4, 2013

Wilson Barrett (1846-1904), English actor manager and dramatist, as Marcus Superbus in The Sign of the Cross, first produced at the Lyric Theatre, London, 4 January 1896
(photo: W. & D. Downey, London, 1896)

‘It is a pity that Mr. Wilson Barrett is not more thoroughgoing in his endeavours to make the ”dressing” of The Sign of the Cross strictly correct. A Roman emperor and prefect with long hair hardly fit in with arch├Žological accuracy. Close cropped heads were the only wear in Rome at the date when the action of the piece is supposed to take place. Mr. Wilson Barrett should inspect the gallery of Roman busts at the British Museum, and then invoke the aid of the wig-maker.’
(The Theatre, London, 1 April 1896, p. 24