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Mons. Nello, ‘The Renowned Bottle King,’ equilibrist and juggler

October 31, 2013

Mons. Nello (active 1881-1897), equilibrist and juggler, sometimes billed as ‘The Renowned Bottle King’ and ‘The Great Scandinavian Feet Equilibrist’
(cabinet photo: The Vienna Photo Art Company, 48 Donegal Place, Belfast, probably 1881)

‘THE LORENZI TROUPE, England’s Greatest Male and Female Acrobats, bar non. All should see this Troupe. Their Performance is acknowledge by Proprietors, Managers, Public, and Press to be the best Acrobatic Show of the Day. ‘All should see the Marvellous Female Serpent, the great Female Contortionist on record. All should see FRANCIS, the Wonder Worker, on the Carpet and Pedestal. See Mons. NELLO’s Performance on the High Pedestal, with his Barrel and wonderful Bottle, his first visit to England. All should see the Sisters KALOLO, the Accomplished Song and Dance Performers. ‘The above Troupe stands alone, Six in Number and all Performers. Great Success of Six Months in Spain and France last Summer. Mr Warden’s Pantomime. The Greatest success ever known. Cheered Nightly to the echo. Notice. – The above Troupe is at Liberty June 6th [1881], to accept Engagements for Home or Abroad. All communications to LORENZI Troupe, STAR MUSIC HALL, DUBLIN.’

(The Era, London, Sunday, 21 May 1881, p. 21c, advertisement)
At Christmas 1881, Mons. Nello appeared at the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh, in the pantomime Whittington and his Cat as Pantaloon in the Harlequinade, with Fred Talbert as Harlequin, the Misses E. and M. Lorenzi as Columbine and Harlequina, Mr Bellwood at the policeman and the Lorenzo family as sprites.

(The Era, London, Saturday, 24 December 1881, p. 9b)
Theatre of Varieties, Warrington, Cheshire, week beginning Monday, 24 April 1881
‘… Mons. Nello (surnamed the continental wonder) gives a novel performance on a high pedestal with his magic barrel and wonderful bottle of champagne, 5ft. High.’
(The Era, London, Saturday, 29 April 1882, p. 11c)

Gaiety Theatre, Halifax, Yorkshire, week beginning Monday, 8 March 1886
‘… Mons. Nello does some marvellous feats of equilibrium with his feet.’
(The Era, London, Saturday, 13 March 1886, p. 17d)