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Constance Collier and Forrest Stanley in the film, The Code of Marcia Gray, USA, 1916

December 27, 2012

Constance Collier (1878-1955), English stage and film actress, and Forrest Stanley (1889-1969), American film actor, respectively as Marcia Gray and Orlando Castle in the film drama The Code of Marcia Gray, USA, 1916, produced by the Oliver Morosco Photoplay Company and directed by Frank Lloyd (photo: Oliver Morosco Photoplay Company, USA, 1916)

‘Constance Collier, the favourite of countless playgoers, and whose film portrait appears [above], has proved herself a wonderful screen actress. In The Code of Marcia Gray you will see that she has not failed to grasp the fine scope afforded her; and in The Tongues of Men, her first film appearance, as also in Macbeth (the Triangle production), she scored instantaneous success.’ (Pictures and the Picturegoer, London, Saturday, 14 October 1916, pp. 41 and 42b)