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Bob Pender’s Troupe of pantomimists and knockabout comedians

February 23, 2014

Bob Pender’s Troupe of pantomimists and knockabout comedians
(photo: unknown, in or before 1917)

Keith’s vaudeville theatre, Syracuse, New York, week beginning Monday, 19 December 1921
‘Keith’s headliners this week are Clayton White and Grace Leigh company [sic] in a one-act playlet, Cherie. The plot is laid on Long Island, near the Belmont race track, in the home of the Harringtons. In it, Mr. White and Miss Leigh will no doubt have opportunity to display their unusual ability to act. The added attracted is the famous Bob Pender troupe [including Archie Leach], which were featured all last season at the Hippodrome, New York. They are animal impersonators, stilt walkers and eccentric dancers. Also on the bill are Glen and Jenkins, in Working on the Railroad.’ (Syracuse Herald, Syracuse, New York, Monday, 19 December 1921, p.9c)