Henry Ainley in the title role of Fishpingle, 1916

July 17, 2013

Henry Ainley (1879-1945), English actor, in the title role of Fishpingle, a comedy by H.A. Vachell, Haymarket, London, 30 May 1916
(photo: Malcolm Arbuthnot, London, 1916)

‘In the title-rôle of Mr. Horace Vachell’s new play, Fishpingle, at the Haymarket, which has proved to be a success, even though the critics were a bit lukewarm about it at first. The notion of a butler who knows better then his master is not new, but Mr. Vachell goes a step further and makes him his master’s own elder brother slightly removed and unblessed by the Church. Fishpingle is a clever admixture of eugenist and match-maker, and Mr. Ainley has admirably caught the spirit of the part.’
(The Tatler, London, Wednesday, 14 June 1916, p.327)

‘In Mr. Vachell’s successful play at the Haymarket in which the butler is a species of “deux ex machina” who proves to be the baronet’s elder brother (slightly removed), and who controls the destinies of all the other characters in the play, including those of the footman and the housemaid.’
(The Tatler, London, Wednesday, 21 June 1916, p.362a)


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