Ellis Stanyon demonstrates his paper-folding feat

May 26, 2014

Ellis Stanyon (1870-1951), English magician, dealer in magic materials and toys, and publisher
(photos: Hellis & Sons, Regent Street, London, probably 1895)

‘The above photos. show Mr. Ellis Stanyon at work in his paper-folding feat. Mr. Stanyon is a clever conjurer and shadowist, and a feature of his entertainment is to fold the same piece of paper forty different ways in five minutes.’ ‘FLOWER VASE. EASTERN WATER-POT. THE SHAHZADA. A BEEF-EATER.’
(The Picture Magazine, London, November 1895, p. 294)

* * * * *

William Ellis Stanyon, professionally known as Professor Ellis Stanyon, was born in the village of Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire, England, on 8 January 1870, one of the children of William John Stanyon, a wood turner/sawyer. He was married on 5 November 1893 at Trinity Church, Marylebone, London, to Catherine (Kate) Fairs, daughter of John Fairs, a boot maker. They had five children, of whom Cyril Gordon Stanyon (1903-1976) took over the magic business upon his father’s death in 1951.


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